Forced To Cum
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Sissy Boy Forced to Cum in His Panties

Sissy Boy Forced to Cum

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In this scene Maitresse Madeline converts a rough and tumble guy from New Jersey into a proper little sissy slut maid. The guy is subjected to erotic humiliation and made to perform dirty sex acts before being forced to ejaculate in his panties!

If the rest of the videos on this web site haven't already pushed your buttons, then this one will take you over the edge. This video is a complete departure from anything you will have previously seen. Imagine with me for a moment. What if I challenged your own manhood in such a way that your ego was slowly and gradually removed and all that was left was a recollection of what used to be and in its place was a perfect little sissy slut maid prepared to serve anyone and everybody on a whim? During this video Maitresse Madeline skilfully and erotically does this to Will, a rough and tough dude from New Jersey. He walks in as Will and leaves as Ginger. In-between, what occurs is a humiliating yet arousing transformation into the world of forced feminization and sissification. This movie is filled with OTK spanking in panties, silky sensuous stockings, erotic humiliation, messy cum filled panties and heavy strap-on ass pounding. This is one guy’s voyage towards true devotion, he's prepared to please his dominatrix in ANYTHING she desires.

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