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Guy Tied Up and Forced To Cum by Hot Babe

In this video a guy is tied up and forced to cum by a hot babe. The chick is in her twenties and looks really hot in a black camisole and thigh boots. She gets the guy tied up tightly on the table and starts working on his cock...

Tied Up And Forced To Cum

Tied Up & Forced To Cum - Watch Here

This hot babe covers the guy's cock and balls with lube and massages it in, paying lots of attention to his balls. She is quite aggressive and you can see the guy flinch a few times as she twists or squeezes his balls. But her hand actions are soon working and the guy's cock begins to rise.

As the chick's hand works up and down the guy's shaft, you can see him struggling against his restraints. The sensations of having his cock so forcefully milked are causing him to almost jump clear of the table as spasms fire through his body like electric shocks. This hot babe has complete control of the guy's cock and she is about to force him to cum. She suddenly begins a rapid jerking movement right over the tip of his cock and the guy screams out loud as a big jet of cum erupts from his shiny purple bulb.

As the cum flies everywhere this experienced cock milking mistress does not stop. She continues to work the end of the guy's cock sending waves of pleasure-pain through him until he is begging her to stop. Eventually she relents and the guy is left panting and drained on the table.

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