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Female Doctor Forced Cum From His Cock

This female doctor forced cum from her patient's cock as a treatment for sore balls. The guy came into her surgery complaining of aching balls and the doctor immediately recognised the symptoms of ‘Blue Balls'. The guy clearly hadn't had his balls drained in a long time and the doctor asked him why not. The guy said that, although he could get an erection, his wife could hardly ever make him cum.

On hearing the guy's complaint, the doctor decided that the only way to help him was to force him to cum. She ordered him to strip naked and to lie down on her examination table. She then began to manipulate his balls and told him not to worry if he got an erection. Soon enough, his cock was rising and although he was embarrassed, the guy was obviously enjoying her manipulations.

Forced Cum

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As the guy's cock grew harder, the doctor's hand moved from his balls onto his shaft and began a slow, steady stroke. The guy was a bit shocked to find himself being jerked off by his doctor but he didn't complain. The doctor's hand was expertly stroking his dick and her other hand was cupping his balls to encourage the spunk to release itself.

After a good ten minutes of steady masturbation, the doctor could see that the guy was no closer to ejaculating. No wonder he had blue balls if he could stand this amount of handling and still not cum, she thought!

So the doctor decided it was time to put her skills into practice. She put a fresh dollop of lubricant on the end of his cock and began a twisting movement over the end with her hand. This was combined with pushing her thumb into the underside of his shaft and massaging up and down and over his frenum.

The guy immediately began moaning and she could see she had hit on the right spot. She intensified her movements and the guy quickly became breathless and was almost jumping off the table due to the involuntary spasms she was sending through his body. This was just the signal the doctor needed and, after giving one final twist of his swollen purple head, she took a tight grip of his shaft and jerked down hard.

The cum shot out of the end of the guy's cock like a fountain. It sprayed all over him and all over the doctor's white coat and even in her hair. There was so much cum you would find it hard to believe any man had so much in his balls and the relief on the guy's face was a picture.

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