Forced To Cum
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Bound And Forced To Cum - Male Slave Tortured

This male slave was bound and forced to cum by his ruthless mistress - but only after she had tortured him with an electric toothbrush on his cock and nipples. The guy was tied to a table by his wrists and ankles and tape placed over his mouth to stifle his screams. His eyes were also taped so he would not see what she was about to do to him. He could hear the toothbrush before he felt it but he didn't know what it was. When she touched it against his nipple his whole body jerked like she had given him an electric shock.

Bound And Forced To Cum

Bound And Forced - Watch Video Here

In fact, the guy though he actually was being electrocuted! And when she took the toothbrush to the tip of his cock his body was jolted clear off the table. But between the shocks his mistress was expertly working his cock with her hand - enough to ensure it stayed hard despite the pain. And in the end she managed to force the cum out of his cock with the vibrating toothbrush still pressed hard against his frenum.

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